About Spring Bee Pins


I’m Bee, the sole person running the show 😊 I’ve been designing enamel pins since 2020.

I like designing merch for: BTS, Ateez, Seventeen & Monsta X

I'd love to design for: Twice, The Boyz, Stray Kids, TXT, Shinee, Woodz, DPR Ian, Kard - if you'd like any of these, please let me know!

I'm so lucky that this became my full time job in 2021, as now I can spend more time at home with my two children, Archie & Harrison. I've been a solo parent for three years, and your orders support our quiet little life in the Lake District. 

Here's some little bits about me:


+ she/her

+ British (we all have flaws)

+ 32

+ aries ☼ pisces ☽ cancer ➶

+ infp 

+ kpop pin designer 

+ yoongi -ㅅ- and yeosang are my ult biases

+ ult group: bts/ateez (tied)

+ I also bias: seokjin, hongjoong, minghao, mingyu, seokjin, namjoon, hobi, key, seungkwan, dino, lee know, han, moonbyul, beomgyu, big matthewww, woodz.

+ i like: reading, writing, drawing, astrology, having a daily crisis over yeosang, mountain walks, old buildings